Graphic design by John Polizzi in Portland, Oregon

Hello, My Name Is John

Rather than subject you to some meaningless personal statement that ostensibly provides you with an understanding of my character but which is actually carefully crafted to avoid exposing any part of me that is uniquely unfit for the marketplace of human capital, a CV of expensive degrees that I will never not be paying for, and a comprehensive list of companies that I once worked for but which no longer exist, it’s probably best that I just post a relevant quote from a couple of designers who are smarter than me….

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The premature nature of design that we have been describing imposes limited reads over multiple possible brand manifestations and forgets the evolution of organizations and their contexts. We need to think about identity in terms of flexibility and avoid preconditioning entities to fixed visual attributes. Identity design requires approaches that go beyond the logic of corporate legitimization, and that are able to recognize and cast nuanced experiences in relation to the organization they represent. In doing so, designers can more actively address their involvement within capitalism and, if interested in claiming spaces for change, engage in reshaping such relationships.
— Federico Pérez Villoro & Christopher Hamamoto


What I do

  • Brand Identities

  • Design for Web & Screens

  • Logos, Lettering, and Illustration

  • Creative and Art Direction

  • Packaging and Label Design

  • Endless Questioning



I work best one-on-one with people who understand that the work we do together is the basis of a relationship built on trust and mutual benefit, not competition or exploitation. Apart from the practice and production of good design, what matters to me most is fairness, respect, and honest communication.



Send me an email. If it sounds like I can help with your project, then we can plan a phone call or a meeting here in Portland. 

John Polizzi
(415) 826-7661