Straits Kitchen

Identity Design / Round 3.2


In order to reflect the diverse fusion of Malaysian culture and the food you create (and in order to eliminate the need for you to make a single choice), I've decided to take a different approach to your logo. Instead of one logo design, I'd like to give you a few simple elements that we can repeatedly mix and match as we like. By using two classic and timeless fonts that will never go out of style — Bodoni and Futura — we can combine them in various ways depending on the context. Rather than trying to represent your business with a single logo, your identity will come to embody multiplicity, variation, recombination, and diversity. 


This strategy requires a measure of simplification to make work, however. Because of this (and following on Steph's telling of Mario Batali's restaurant naming advice), I propose we simplify your name to what is unique about it, "straits," and eliminate the redundancy of using "kitchen." Not only does this make it much easier to create an effective logotype, but "Straits Malaysian Flavor" — and even just "Straits" — is much easier on the tongue and ear than "Straits Kitchen Malaysian Flavors." Imagine a restaurant host picking up the phone and simply saying "Straits!"


The colors used here are very rough and still in need of work. The only thing determined here is the use of orange, but the question remains as to how we keep it from evoking Halloween.


In order to show you how far we can go towards creating an effective identity design using the simplified name and a minimal set of design elements, I've mocked up examples of signage, packaging and collateral. Keep in mind, these are not actual design proposals for this material; these are simply meant to illustrate the possibilities if we stick with a system like what I'm proposing.